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 Loft Design System

PROGIPS Sp. z o.o.
ul. Zagaje 5A
32-300 Olkusz
phone: +48 32 442 00 04
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PROGIPS Sp. z o.o. is a producer of 3D decorative panels under the brand name Loft Design System, distributed to almost every continent. Above all, the brand success is the design created with attention to tiny details. The beautiful and hypnotizing form of Loft Design System 3D decorative panels used in an interior makes it a pleasant place to spend time in.

We create unique patterns to show our passion to original forms. We admire everything that is beautiful, perfect and extraordinary. Therefore, we can assure you that Loft Design System panelswill add an incredible style to the interior.

The Loft Design System trademark and name as well as all industrial designs of panels are protected and it is forbidden to use them contrary to the provisions of law, e.g. by unauthorized persons. PROGIPS Sp. z o.o. has exclusive rights to use the trademark and industrial designs, i.e. to place the trademark on goods, market goods with protected industrial designs and use the trademark for advertising purposes.

It is illegal to:

- sell non-original (counterfeit) goods using protected industrial designs to which PROGIPS Sp.z o.o. has exclusive rights,

- use the name Loft Design System when referring to products not manufactured by PROGIPS Sp. z o.o.,

-use Loft Design System trademarks in auction descriptions of products not manufactured by

PROGIPS Sp. z o.o., for promotional and advertising purposes,

-place in auction descriptions images used on official websites, unless the Seller has obtainedconsent to do so.

If your sale offer infringes the law, it may be removed and your Allegro account may be locked.

Moreover, you may be held liable to criminal and civil proceedings. As an entity authorised to use registered trademarks and industrial designs, we are entitled to specified claims in case our rights are violated.  In particular, we can:

- demand termination of infringements and removal of their consequences,

-  demand compensation and return of property benefits acquired as a result of selling non- original goods.

If you are a Seller, make sure that the product you are selling is original. Do not use Loft Design System trademarks in your descriptions.  Add only your own photos or the ones for which you have obtained the author’s consent.  Do not offer goods labelled Loft Design System or products with registered industrial designs of Loft Design System decorative panels the origin and authenticity of which are unknown or uncertain.

If you are a Buyer, ask the Seller about the authenticity and origin of a product and, if possible, compare the Seller’s offer with the official offer of Loft Design System (e.g. on its official website – www.loftsystem.pl).

We wish you many successful transactions!

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