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Tangle Teezer

Sophie Edgerton
Tangle Teezer Ltd
143 Acre Lane, London, SW2 5UA
e-mail: sophie.edgerton@tangleteezer.com  

Tangle Teezer is a participant of the Rights Protection Cooperation Program.


Tangle Teezer brushes are revolutionary hairdresser’s solutions. They allow to quickly and painlessly brush your hair and that is why they are highly appreciated both by professional hairdressers and consumers as well as have received numerous prestigious awards and honorary mentions. More at: www.tangle-teezer.pl.


The Tangle Teezer trademark and name are protected and it is forbidden to use them contrary to the provisions of law, e.g. by unauthorised persons.

It is illegal e.g. to:

  • sell non-original (counterfeit) goods labelled in a misleading way in respect of the identity of the manufacturer or products, their origin, quantity, quality, composition, manufacturing technique, use, possible applications, repair, maintenance and other significant features of goods or services,
  • use the above-mentioned names when referring to products not manufactured by Tangle Teezer,
  • use the trademarks in item descriptions for promotional and advertising purposes, place in auction descriptions images used on official websites, unless the Seller has obtained consent to do so. 

If your sale offer infringes the law, it may be removed, and your account on Allegro may be blocked. Moreover, you may be held liable to criminal and civil proceedings. As an entity authorised to use registered trademarks, we are entitled to specified claims in case our rights are violated.

In particular, we can:

  • demand termination of infringement and removal of its consequences, 
  • demand compensation and return of property benefits acquired as a result of selling fake goods.

If you are a Seller, make sure that the product you are selling is original. Do not use any Tangle Teezer trademarks in item descriptions and place only your own photos or the ones for which you have obtained the author’s consent.

If you are a Buyer, ask the Seller about the authenticity and origin of an item and, if possible, demand a proof of purchase in the form of an invoice or a receipt being a warranty of original purchase. If possible, compare the Seller’s offer with the official one of Tangle Teezer at www.tangle-teezer.pl.


We wish you many successful transactions!

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  • do not sell fake items!
  • do you think the product is not genuine? Check it out!
  • no consent to use a logo? Do not place it in your description!
  • use your photos;
  • do not use photos you have no rights to.
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