About the program

We have created the Rights Protection Cooperation Program in order to eliminate auctions with items and services infringing the law.

We protect:

  • rights of Brand Owners
  • Sellers from legal consequences of often unintentionally committed infringements
  • Buyers from purchasing items that infringe the law.

Our actions focus mainly on limiting the sale of counterfeit items on the platform. We also intervene after having received a report about an infringement of industrial property rights or copyrights.

How to join RPCP?

You are the owner or you are authorised to represent the brand owner?
Contact us. We will analyze your application and decide about enstablishing cooperation.
We will also ask you to send appropriate documents. You will receive detailed information in an e-mail.

It's worth joining the program!

Program participants are ensured with:

  • individual assistance of platform administrators,
  • comfortable form of reporting rights infringements and quick reaction to such reports,
  • place on a website to add information about products and legal sale forms.

Official report of rights infringement

If you want to report that rights of your company have been infringed, fill out the form.

Join the program

Companies, institutions and authorised organisations that are interested in cooperation with us are kindly asked to contact us at zgloszenie@allegro.pl in order to receive detailed information on terms and conditions of participation in the program.

More information on RPCP program

  • do not sell fake items!
  • do you think the product is not genuine? Check it out!
  • no consent to use a logo? Do not place it in your description!
  • use your photos;
  • do not use photos you have no rights to.
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Contact RPCP Partner
  • Fake or genuine?
  • Who is the author of a text and photos?
  • Do you have any doubts? Contact RPCP Partner!